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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  January 30, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." other people who make friends, just trying to save you money. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. this was a terrific day for the stock market in general. the dow climbing 110, s&p 1.13%. nasdaq dropping 1.7%, but it was a better day for the social,
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mobile and cloud stocks, namely facebook and google and because the gains came so fast and furious today, we should waste no time and get right into them. let's take facebook after last night's report. simple fact of facebook is that it's the fastest growing big capitalization stock of america because it is surfing the fastest growing theme of america. social, mobile the cloud. this is a company that owns the young person demographic all over the world with a product that works best when you're on the go. facebook is the modern way. other than google, for advertisers to connect with potential buyers. it puts an end to that old song, 50% of advertising works, i just wish i knew which. at facebook, it is 100% of the advertising that works, which is why this company might be the greatest advertising vehicle of all time. it can be used for branding,
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direct marketing, local and national through a preselected audience that wants the product and likes the ads and that audience is the right demographic. meaning advertisers are reaching them before these people have made up their minds about what they like and they're often set in their ways about the prefaces when they get older, so they become too hard to sway. facebook gets them when you need them. i realize i wasn't giving facebook enough credit. since tv doesn't work as well as facebook on your mobile phone and 50% of the ads are on hand helds, they've crossed that threshold, i can see facebook taking serious ad dollars that would be destined for elsewhere. facebook has accelerating revenue growth. you know what that means. argh. and even though its expensions are sky high, it has such incredible gross margins. no wonder it roared $7.52 higher.
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i'd like to focus on how rich he can make you and get this. remember that growth oriented money managers are not looking at 2014 numbers. they look at what they call the out years. this stock is really incredibly cheap based on 2016 earnings projections. you heard me. facebook's incredibly cheap. in fact, given we have to judge a company's earnings to multiple in the context of its growth rate, you could argue facebook will go up another 50%. of course, facebook was putting up tremendous earnings today. this was a day made for social to mobile. hence the incredible numbers. two cloud computing based companies i'd recommend in the past, 13.9% and 17% respectively in one day, people. in one day. mobile, social and cloud is the theme, which is why i kicked off in get rich carefully with this
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concept. just how people understand the seemingly sky high valuations and at least recognize why these stocks are being bought. even if you can want bring yourself to pull the trigger. first learned about -- later tonight when i was at dream force. i don't -- it is at the epicenter of the revolution and while we're on the subject, we can't forget about amazon and both of which just reported after the close today. google, i think is a very solid quarter. company missed wall street's estimates, but posted fabulous revenue growth. up 70% year over year and up 23% if you exclude the currency. you have to do that because so much of google's business is overseas. i think it would have run up more if it hadn't rallied today on news they got rid of a division that was bringing on the gross margins.
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this represents two-thirds of the business was absolutely great. the key metrics are the pay clicks. the number of times people click on one of google's ads and the cost per click. the cost per click has been declining for a while. part of the migration from desktop to emotional and it dropped 11% this quarter. but it was more than off set by a 31% increase this paid clicks. plus, google threw off the ton of cash. bringing the report to 58 billion. for some smoke detector that the other thing i really liked is that google's doing something i really like. basically, a two for one stock split. this one involves creating a whole new class in stock. it will get the share price down. even though i know this isn't supposed to matter, investors really don't like the sticker shock of a stock that trades over 1,000 bucks.
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gives google a nice boost tomorrow. amazon, kind of a classic example. they get a little too out of hand. company, more important, the revenue estimates. they have guidance they consider disappointing, which you can't do after the incredible run amazon's had. amazon's got a ton of things up their sleeve. just to bounce back. there's a reason i spend so much time telling you about the mobile, social and cloud place. they are multiyear game changers and this is their moment, although i think that moment could last for quite some time. just look at the incredible moves in one day facebook. just today. not to mention the robust quarter from google, all which i could argue could turn out to be very cheap when we look back at these stocks with two or three years. darrell in pennsylvania. >> hi, jim. a big southeastern pennsylvania boo-yah to you.
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>> hometown boo-yah right back at you. >> my stock today is las vegas. they recorded earnings yesterday and then today, the stock had a nice run to the upside. >> nearly went down to 70s. they did not look at the breakout. the driver, win, even better today. i think both those stocks are buys. i want to bet on steve wynn right here. i think 200 bucks is better. chris in pennsylvania. >> hello. >> what's up? >> hey. big philadelphia boo-yah from -- >> got a whole philadelphia show. that's great. super bowl, i'd be even happier. what's up? >> i had a general question on stock ticker symbol, oled. it was up today 6%. 6.23%. just generally asking in your
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opinion. >> yeah, my problem with that like -- is that every time i stick my neck out to say we got a shot here, too dangerous for this guy. sorry. david in florida. >> yes, jim. dave in naples, florida. i have liked the show since -- i would like to ask you what your feelings are on thompson control. any catalyst going forward. >> i'm furious about johnson controls. the stock is down five straight bucks. we both are very concerned that the stock severely overreacted. there was a line in europe, basically made the european business sound worse than it is. were they underpromising? i don't know. johnson controls. you don't have to be so darned down beat when your business is as good. triple play. social, mobile, cloud. it's facebook, google, service now and don't worry.
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i think it will end up being amazon not getting two. >> coming up, buying higher? clearing the corporate travel account may sound dull, but companies like concur -- new technology. that stock soared over 15% today. and later, darlings of the dow. like the recent winter weather, earnings season can be a flurry of numbers, but don't get lost in the blizzard of reports. cramer's pulling out his report card to grade the best and worst of the dow. find out who makes the grade and who's being held back. plus, risk reality. everything you've been told about retirement is about to be turned upside down. it's one of the most common investing strategies you hear and cramer thinks it's dead wrong. find out how to avoid it when cramer opens his playbook. all coming up on "mad money." imagining,
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on expedia you can book any flight,
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car and hotel together and save up to 20% when you build your custom trip. expedia, find yours.
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when i talk about social, mobile and cloud, i know that the cloud is the hardest part to
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understand. the cloud, the really revolutionary part to have cloud has little to do with the consumer and a lot more to do with helping companies become more efficient while saving them money. gains can be staggering. so it's worth taking some time to getting your head around the concept. for you, home gamers. may not have a super sexy sounding business, business with corporate travel and expense management software through the cloud, but man, does it have a sexy stock. last i concurred absolutely stellar quarter and today, it rocketeded to $18.49. fabulous 35% gain since we spoke to the ceo in november. cloud baseded corporate travel might sound like a snooze fest to you, but this is -- typically
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most companies book travel arrangements through one process, then employees submit through a totally dimpblt process. con survey software streamlines the whole thing. allowing companies to manage travel booking, eye ten yar through a -- major areas where businesses can save a bundle. cloud based software as a platform, is serious money saver for the clients. this is a young company. it's no wonder that when reported last night, it thrashed the estimates. dramatically better than expected revenues that rose 32.8%. and strong guidance for the next quarter. let's check in with steven, the chairman and ceo of concur technologies.
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we'll learn more about the company and where it's headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> hey, jim. >> how did you do it? even when i saw you, i had no idea your company could shoot the lights out like that. just describe to me the last month of the quarter because it must have been extraordinary. >> you know, we certainly had a fantastic month, but the reality is jim, we see great new customer sales every month. especially in our s and b market segment. we're consistently signing strong business every month. there's little distribution especially in the s and b markets. >> let's go with this because i think i want people to understand this better. a lot of people likeded when you were on with me, still didn't really get it. you have the mets and pirates? >> mets and the pirates. in fact, gold co joined as a customer. i think the real message behind that is you think about the diversity of customers signing on for managing travel, managing their trips and the reality is the 20,000 customers we had
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today, while that's fantastic and a great position to be in, we had the thousands just last quarter. if you compare that to the million plus customer opportunity in north america and europe, we have a long, long ways to go and i think we've got a tremendous solution center. >> i know that goldman sachs was maintained incorrectly a sell almost the whole way. is talking about how they're worried about margin pressure. i said to myself, you've got this gigantic government contract and doesn't seem like you're going to book anything in 2014 for that, but could that be a source of the margin pressure that goldman's so worried about? >> we look at the investments we're making in the business as compared to the total opportunity we're trying to address. if we just focus on what we did today, expense management and tripling service, we have 20,000 plus customers.
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just added 1,000. say we get to a couple of hundred thousand customers. just selling those services into customers, that's a multitens of billion dollar revenue. we're feeling good about the opportunity and vesting against that. at scale, this business has best in class operating margin. >> let me get a drill down on this. we are always, always have been, will be a product company. cost of technology landscape. history shows that the greatest product companies often get the chance to become platform companies. does that mean that we'll with able to get everything from restaurant reviews to hotel bookings to information about travel? so i don't need anybody else. i just need concur. >> yeah. i think maybe just a slightly different twist, but i think the premise is right. the really great company, really great product company, especially big markets like the corporate travel and expense
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market. oftentimes start to see an ecosystem building around. once that happens to start delivering a platform that all of our partners -- it improves the experience for the travel, the customer and adds tremendous value for our partners. but a really simple example that helps put this into context. say you're on a flight and it's running 30 minutes late, which is not necessarily atypical. say you booked a cab using taxi magic or a sedan using uber. wouldn't it be great because that flight's 30 minutes late, trip it automatically notified the taxi company your flight's running 30 minutes late and they should pick you up 30 minutes later. that type of seamless experience, where things just happen automatically for you. then you can focus on things important to you. >> i'd kill for that. that is an unbelievable idea.
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>> that's what we're going to deliver. >> i was talking to bart about the kind of revenue growth. when can you do a billion? >> if we continue at the rate of growth we're going at today, the mid 20s growth rate, we'll cross a billion in 2016. we couldn't be happier with the progress of our company. now, it's just getting great execution and continuing to deliver this value. in 2016, that's just one milestone. we think there's a multibillion dollar opportunity just in the corporate travel market. >> i met you in san francisco, i said i want everyone in this stock that's been right. a couple of people have sales. at 200, be talking to them and see when they come to the buy list for concur. thank you so much. chairman and ceo. >> great to see you again. >> this stock is not expensive on the out years. don't look at 2014. it's too small time.
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stay with concur. stay with cramer. >> coming up, darlings of the dow. like the recent winter weather, earnings season can be a flurry of numbers. but don't get lost in the blizzard of reports. cramer's pulling out his report card to grade the best and the worst of the dow. find out who makes the grade and who's being held back.
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does the dow jones average deserve to be down more than 4% for the year? with two-thirds of the stocks in, they've all reported. i think we've got to check this one out. i think the punishment has more than fit the crime. these stocks are too beaten up. let's check the report card so far. starting with the a students. first, there's jpmorgan. it's done pretty much nothing except go down. why? has some chinese exposure, which is a problem. it's always going to be impacted by the emerging market turmoil, but this is not citigroup, people.
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i think jpmorgan's a buy right here, right now. second, america express had its best quarter in years. from $91 to 86. that's comical. they're dupont with real good. enzymes is the secret there. i think it's transformations. proprietary chemicals is going better than expected, but got slammed down from 64 to 59. bouncing back to 61 and change today. it goes higher. fourth capital appears to be at the beginning of a multiyear quarter. there's mainly numbers on the backs of better than expected numbers in the u.s. and huge cost cuts. the stock's been too, too hammered. it was too hammered way before and why? because the shorts were all over it and now, the shorts, they want to get in, not out and the company's in there buying the stock itself hand over fist. hence rally begins at $2.58.
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what can i say about microsoft other than we never have wanted steve to leave this company after the kind of quarter he just delivered. fabulous execution from windows to surface to enterprise. x-box. i think it should be at 40. since i'm still reeling from how good united technologies was and how this got stronger, new tech cited -- in areas gaining momentum and singled off china as being particularly strong. the stock up, 116, 111 before rebounds nicely. that's insane. it came back, okay. and you know something, that was the quarter he really delivered the organic growth kicking in. emerging markets are gaining strength, so i can't believe the stock has dropped to $77 and i wish the trusts weren't restricted so we can buy more. did you catch pfizer?
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i mean, this company's managing far better than anyone thought they could do post patton cliff. the sales were weaker. no denying pfizer has a stronger platform and if it pulls back, i'd call it one of the biggest in the dow. reporting robust growth at the great secular story from paper to plastic is taking over the world. real quality quarter. someone downgraded it midday. laughable. how about the b students? i know goldman sachs got hammered after reporting. with the return of m&a activity to a higher level, it just suffered by comparison. the decline from $179 to 165. ridiculous. second, i realize the perception is the total according, but you'll find that aerospace and oil and gas were good and health care was just okay. meanwhile, the company is just repositioning itself.
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ge suffering from perceived downturn in china. why i think the stock's 10% decline is a serious reaction. jeff imel, please come on "mad money." i know you watch. verizon can't shoot the lights out because it's basically a gdp play. the cause of the deal will give it some pep. johnson & johnson didn't deliver the earnings, but the revenues were terrific. and that's what i want from a drug company along with the fabulous pipeline that it has. it's b grade. but come on. dropping from 95 to 89, that's silly. give it a b plus, actually. fifth, travels reported an excellent quarter. management mentioned one word. they use the word competition. everybody already knew there was competition in the property
11:29 pm
casualty world. it didn't matter with the stock i buy it right here tomorrow morning. dow c students. first, the market just hated intel. it didn't even like the company predicted a good year. its biggest issue, the biggest number of upgrades. did anyone even care mcdonald's disappointed again? one good quarter away from $100 and that's how i would approach this. third, apt. this one wasn't as bad as the naysayers seemed to think. dividend is perfectly safe. but management couldn't seem to convince anyone of that. it's why the stock's been a huge bust. the highest yielding stock in the dow and i think they can boost the pay. this one's tough for me. i got to give it a c.
11:30 pm
not because of the quarter. the guidance was horrendous. people expected much more. including me. hence the decline. after interviewing doug parker last night, i know that company will want to buy every plan he can get his hands on, so i think boeing's guidance was classic. i think jim mcnurney underpromised and will underdeliver. previous quarter seemed like they finally broke the street, but then exxon slipped right back into that negative quarter. let warren buffett keep on. go join him. the growth was okay. which brings us to the dow's lone d student. ibm.
11:31 pm
this was just a nasty no growth quarter. take the class again and no one knows like the law schools. even here at 177 down from 192 before the quarter, ibm's not a keeper. a d student is perhaps headed to an e, not a b. here's the bottom line. i think that's enough punishment. there are individual stocks that could suffer more. no social promotions either. drew in new york. drew. >> hey, jim, i just want your feeling about the ups. >> when you have a stock that has run that much and you deliver a quarter that is who hum, you get a response. no thank you. corey in kentucky. >> hey, how's it going, jim? >> real good, how about you,
11:32 pm
jim? >> my question about bank of america. i'm wondering if i should hold the stock, by more and when i should sell. >> someone on twitter the other day was upset because bank of america went down 13 cents. first of all, i told him to focus because that's what i do when i think you're an idiot. bank of america had maybe the single best quarter of all these companies. it's just still dealing with the fact it's lost so much money. take a look at the action today it is what i think's going to happen for the next six months. does the dow deserve the punishment it's gotten? i'm a buyer. stay with cramer. ♪
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it is time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? time for the lightning round. terry in minnesota. terry? >> hey, how's it going, jim? >> what's going on. >> nothing much. i just switched jobs here and i have my 401(k) and i'm going to roll it over and i have quite a bit in this archer daniels midland stock. >> i want you to trim that back. that's a company with much ado about nothing. really nothing special happening. go to jeff in new jersey. jeff. >> hey, jim. from new jersey. i'm calling in about nimble storage. >> ah, you're a gunslinger. i prefer much more of a nick foles approach. i'd like something that's actually come down a lot.
11:37 pm
i'm going to go for sea gate go to tom in washington. tom. >> seahawks boo-yah, jim. >> nice. what's up. >> i got my stock today in the last month, it's gone down -- >> don't you talk to me like that. richard sherman would never allow a -- that is not a great company. that is not a great company. corner number is better. a surprise to the upside. buy, buy, buy. lynn in new york. >> hey, jim. boo-yah. >> excellent. man -- choices, do not need to go down -- lbs a win tonight. let's go to grace in florida. grace. >> boo-yah, jim.
11:38 pm
from rainy dell ray beach, florida. >> sorry to hear that. what's going on? >> i just -- what do you think? >> it's got a good yield. take that dif lend, antismoking clinic in your hometown. philip morris international, sell, sell, sell. we've got plenty of growth stocks yielding. at&t at 5.5% is petter. casey in new york. >> hey, jim, a big super bowl boo-yah to you, buddy. >> i like that. >> my question is about therapeutic. the ticker symbol, txmd. >> hormone replacement. very, very good stock. but speculation only. we know that. speculation only. go to dan in florida. >> boo-yah, jim. how you doing today? >> all right. >> my question is in regards to
11:39 pm
gogl. just wondering, up to jump into it? >> this is a big battleground between the bulls and bears. my daughter asked me yesterday, what's a bull? and i think that here's the problem with gogo. every time they add a contract, the shorts cover, a couple of days later, it goes back down. i will only say that under 21 a buy. char -- in florida. thank you so much for everything you do. my question is about a stock in china. >> remember, i'm totally cool on the chinese market. if you want to play the hottest stock in china, you would buy yahoo!. chinese communist party is not doing a great job right now managing the stock market. the only thing they're doing a great job of managing is liquor sales.
11:40 pm
i want to stay away from china right now. go to bill in georgia. >> hey, brother jim, a big frozen over boo-yah from atlanta. how are you? >> yeah, sorry about that snow down there. what's up? >> what's up with you? just trying to thaw out here. tell me about cliffs. i know you had some negatives. >> it was like a problem with ballet from brazil, which was a much higher quality company. why do i have to own a second rate company like that. go to jason in nebraska. jason. >> hey, jim. thank you for taking my call. i've got 400 shares of -- i own it at $2. around 24. get approval for next year. wondering what you would do with it. >> i got to tell you, that is just so, so speculative. i've liked it -- as long as you recognize the speculative, i think you're fine and that 400 shares is not a huge part of your portfolio because that
11:41 pm
would be dangerous and that is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. coming up, risk reality. everything you've been told about retirement is about to be turned upside down. it's one of the most common investing strategies you hear and cramer thinks it's dead wrong. find out how to avoid it when cramer opens his playbook.
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every thursday, i'm taking a moment to focus on basic finance. if you don't learn it, then all the time and effort you spend picking stocks, it could be wasted. that's why i'm taking your tweets on issues like savings and retirement. you can ask me anything on twitter. get a plan. each week, i'll answer one or two as part of cramer's playbook because i love to talk about myself in the third person and basic financial literacy is every bit as important as stock market literacy. you have to check out it's a terrific resource. here's a great question we got this week from br duquette who asks i'm 24 and have zero bonds in 401(k).
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what's a good age to start moving money to them? 40s, 50s. first of all, congratulations. because you've got horse sense. second, this is an issue that i know a lot about. probably a lot of people wonder about all the time. what percentage of your retirement portfolio, your 401(k) and ira should you keep in bonds versus stocks. i feel the conventional wisdom is deeply misguided. most of the so-called experts will tell you to earn more bonds earlier in your lifetime. the treasury bonds are nice, safe investments that yes, close to risk free as you can get. while stocks are super risky and thus, not to be trusted with too much of your retirement savings. but to me, that kind of advice is merely recklessness masked as prudence. i don't think you should own any bonds whatsoever in your retirement portfolio before you turn 30 or 40.
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once you get older, you want to move some into bonds, but you should still keep the bulk of it in stocks. even when you're in your 60s, you shouldn't put more than half of your retirement money in bonds. first, i need you to understand why i think it makes so much sense to keep more in equities. especially when conventional wisdom says to do the opposite. treasury bonds may be a good way to keep your money safe, but safety is not necessarily your number one goal, particularly for younger people. your goal is to build up a next egg that you can live off. because there is no way social security will be enough. for those of you in your 20s, who knows if it will be there for your when you retire. using your money to make more money, bonds are a lousy tool. right now, the third year treasury, our government's highest yield is about 3.56%. do you know how long it would take for you to double your money with that kind of return? try 20 years.
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keeping too many could mean you won't have enough money to live off of when you get old enough to retire. maybe you'll need to keep working or start eating cat food. i bought some dog food this weekend that said not made in china. i don't want you to be in the cat food eating situation. if you want to get the most out of our 401(k) and ira, you need to take risks. more stocks than bonds. even if you don't have the time to pick stocks yourself, put your money into a mutual fund. first $10,000, always index funds. if you look at the performance of the s&p over the last 25 years, there's you an annualized return. 25%. that includes some incredible bull and bear markets. if you want to be more conservative over the last decade, the s&p's giving you an
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average return. that's a decade where we spent years in the great recession. over the long-term, you could spend the term to average say that's an 8% return. what's that mean from the perspective of your 401(k) or ira? the money you invest in stock should double every nine years. which give you nice income, but take twice as long to double your investment. you don't pay a penny of capital gains taxes, so take advantage by racking up capital gains. remember, you've got your whole life ahead of you to make your money back if you buy something that's too risky and often what looks risky, a facebook, a google, isn't at all down the road. your retirement funds should have zero bond exposure until you turn 30. in your 40s, 20 to 30% and in your 50s, 30 to 40% bonds and
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only in your 60s can you take that up to 40, 50%. after you retire, you can up it to 64, 70%. so you should put less of it at risk, but even when retired, i still think 30 to 40% stocks is still a good idea because you're going to need to live off this money for the rest of your life, which means some part of your portfolio should always be trying to create wealth. unless you want to bet against your own longevity. and that, to me, is a sucker's bet. stick with cramer. hmm,
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fifteen minutes could save you...
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i told you how companies red hot tech and social cloud are going hard. that's just one of the themes here today. companies riding other huge growth trends are going higher, too. the companies that help themselves with aggressive buybacks go higher. the companies just sit there, the ones that don't get busy living, they're getting busy dying. let's start with the self-help names. viacom. here's a company that just keeps buying back stock. hand over fist and it repurchased another ten million this quarter. 454 shares today. i mean, that's what i always say that in a crisis moment, you
11:54 pm
should think about buying this stock because the company is right in there buying with you. next group, how about stealth technology stocks. the tech stock that most people don't even realize are tech stocks. one is always criticizing me about is under armour. ua. because this is indeed a technology company in apparel clothing. pun intended. reported higher because of its dif wrennuated product. it's executing those plans perfectly causing the stock, up 31% since we spoke to the ceo in september. it benefits from making lighter weight apparel that keeps you warmer. the ideal combination for athletes. no wonder notre dame switched to it. harmon international is another stealth tech play. it's an engineering company that makes the world's best audio equipment. the lowest cost producer of the best sound equipment. who doesn't want that? especially if you can get it in your car.
11:55 pm
no wonder harmon soared today giving us a 26% gain since we last heard from the ceo. three months ago. how about the buy techs? did you see alexion today? this company just reported one of the quarter's biggest beats. a treatment for super rare disorders that can command incredibly high. rallied 78% since we highlighted it last april. up 4% today thanks to its launch. a drug that's doing quite well. or vortex with that revolutionary drug and a good hep c drug. if they're scheduleded to hit by $15 earnings number, then i suggest it could happen in the book. i've been telling you that's absurd. the ceo, one of my bankable 21, he's worth betting on tomorrow.
11:56 pm
companies that make acquisitions to ruinous competition. take the new american airlines. this stock was up nicely again today because the ceo told us last night, the industry is finally being revolutionized. the play on the natural organic theme, up because of an increase in same store sales. they were the winners today and they aren't done winning. if you want to know more, i'm going to talk about them at my get rich carefully book signing next tuesday in union scare. as many people have asked me where and when i'm appearing and thanks, viewers, for making my book a best seller for a fourth week in a row. stay with cramer. [ male announcer ] there is no substitute for experience.
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when electricity is generated with natural gas instead of today's most used source, how much are co2 emissions reduced? up to 30%? 45%? 60%? the answer is... up to 60% less. and that's a big reason why the u.s. is a world leader in reducing co2 emissions. take the energy quiz. energy lives here.
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♪ facebook is inexpensive. always more. just here on "mad money," i am jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow. >> narrator: in this episode of "american greed," scandal rocks the world of college football. >> the mighty miami hurricanes dealing with a category-5 controversy involving cash payments and prostitutes. >> narrator: meet nevin shapiro, the man who kicked off the controversy with stunning admissions of gifts to players and broken ncaa rules. >> he's a hustler. you can tell he's a hustler. >> narrator: a big-time part of the miami scene, shapiro lives a life of tropical indulgence. >> south beach is known for its nightlife, yet mr. shapiro was known as "mr. big" in south beach. >> narrator: he takes in nearly $1 billion with false promises


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